Geoff Johns Surprises No One with Positive Comments about GREEN LANTERN Production

     April 15, 2010


Geoff Johns is one of the top writers for DC Comics.  He has done runs on Superman, The Flash, Justice Society of America, and Green Lantern.  Speaking to about DC’s upcoming timeline for their superhero movies, here’s what Johns had to say:

“I can’t get into the exact DC slate right now, but we’re all working heavily on what that is with Warner Bros. and there will be news forthcoming. But, you can bet there is going to be a lot more than there is right now.”

I’m hoping this means that DC’s is close to announcing a plan for their superhero movies like Marvel did with Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers following the release of Iron Man.  Hit the jump for some slightly biased comments from Johns regarding the film adaptation of  Green Lantern.

green_lantern_alex_ross_01.jpgIt should come as no surprise that when Johns spoke about the forthcoming Green Lantern movie he had nothing but positive news to report.  For example:

“The movie looks fantastic. I’m heading back down to New Orleans in a few weeks, but I just watched the Abin Sur/Hal Jordan dailies, and it’s amazing seeing that ring passed to Hal in live action. Abin Sur looks kick-ass.”

That’s great and I hope that’s truly the case.  But did anyone expect him to come out and say, “Just saw some Green Lantern footage and boy, are they fucking that right up.”

Here’s what he had to say about the production design:

“They did such a great job. They’ve got Grant [Major] as a production designer. He’s from ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and the visuals on this film are nothing like you could imagine. It’s definitely a Green Lantern fan’s dream. For me, it’s kind of insane to see this stuff come to life.

Again, no reason to doubt him, but what would you really expect him to say on this?  Also, I don’t know how it’s something you can’t image but at the same time it’s something a Green Lantern fan could dream about.  My point is that Johns works for the company that makes the movie.  He’s not an objective observer.  However, I do believe him when talks about Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan:

“And Ryan Reynolds is a perfect Hal Jordan. He brings a lot of humor to it, but he also has the humanity that Hal has. And a little bit of the arrogance, so it’s a great match. “

That I believe because I know Reynolds can do that kind of role.  The larger question is whether he can set the character apart from his similar-sounding previous roles like Van Wilder or Wade Wilson or Hannibal King.  I think he can, but I wouldn’t have a DC employee try to assuage my doubts.

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