George Clooney & Laura Dern’s Lost 1983 Killer Bear Movie Is Finally Coming Out

     September 4, 2020

George Clooney, Laura Dern, and Charlie Sheen teamed up to make a killer bear movie in 1983, and that movie has been lost to the sands of time until now. Grizzly 2, the sequel to the 1976 Jaws ripoff about a gigantic murderous bear ambushing nude women and bearded naturalists alike, will finally be available on streaming and in select drive-in theaters this fall.


Image via Film Ventures International / Columbia Pictures

As detailed in an exhaustive and fascinating history by The Ringer’s Brian Raftery, the film was a tumultuous production featuring the then-unknown actors. Dern and Sheen were still teenagers at the time, and none of them had any acting credits to their names. What’s arguably even more surprising is that Grizzly 2 also stars Louise Fletcher, who had won the Academy Award for Best Actress only a few years before. (She did make a series of science fiction and horror films in the 80s, so in retrospect, I suppose that checks out.)

Before filming on Grizzly 2 could be completed, the film’s executive producer John Proctor (who already owed comedian Jerry Lewis $1 million and would go on to be a lifetime con man) disappeared with the rest of the film’s budget, and the mechanical bears meant to be used in the movie were destroyed in a fire. Bootleg versions of the film have been traded back and forth by curious cinephiles for decades. But now, against all odds, Grizzly 2 has been completed and we’ll finally get to see it. It’s apparently an extremely bizarre film about a vengeful bear attacking an outdoor rock concert in Hungary, and I am absolutely going to stream the shit out of it when it becomes available later this year. For more horror movie goodness, check out Collider’s list of the best horror movies on Netflix.

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