George Clooney Looking to Cast Ryan Gosling in FARRAGUT NORTH; Production Begins in March

     September 30, 2010

Ryan Gosling may play the lead role in George Clooney’s upcoming adaptation of Farragut North.  When we reported on the film back in August, Clooney was thinking about casting Chris Pine in the lead role after Leonardo DiCaprio had supposedly passed on the project.  Now, Deadline is reporting that Clooney is negotiating with Gosling to play the role of Stephen Meyers, an idealistic communications director who works for an inspiring though unorthodox, presidential candidate.  Clooney plans to begin production on the film in March, which will tell the story of Meyer seeing the campaign become undone by ruthless, political masterminds who employ every dirty trick to win.

Philip Seymour Hoffman has been cast as Meyer’s “hard-bitten veteran boss”, while Paul Giamatti is playing the campaign manager of the rival candidate.  I’m sure we will know soon enough if Gosling will sign on to the project.  In the meantime, you can next see Gosling in this fall’s much buzzed about, Blue Valentine.  As a fan of everyone involved with this film so far, I’m expecting great things.

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