Gerard Butler Video Interview THE BOUNTY HUNTER

     March 21, 2010

The Bounty Hunter movie image Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston slice.jpg

Director Andy Tennant’s The Bounty Hunter opened this weekend and the film stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. The film is the story of two ex’s who find themselves running from convicts after Milo Boyd (Butler) is assigned to take Nicole (Aniston) to jail after she bails on a court date.

To help promote the film, I was recently able to speak with Gerard Butler.  During my interview he talked about how he came to the project, working with Jennifer Aniston, and his upcoming DreamWorks animated movie How to Train Your Dragon.  Hit the jump to watch what Gerard had to say:

And if you’d like to watch some clips from The Bounty Hunter, click here.  Also, here’s my interview with Jennifer Aniston.

Gerard  Butler

  • Did you go after this project or did it come to you
  • What is your favorite aspect of Milo & Nicole’s relationship
  • What is something about Jen that people might not know
  • How was the experience of making How to Train Your Dragon


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