Exclusive GET LOW Video Interviews with Producer Dean Zanuck, Director Aaron Schneider, Lucas Black, Sissy Spacek and Robert Duvall

     July 29, 2010

Inspired by an American folktale that’s been passed down by storytellers for decades, Get Low is an entertaining and colorful tale about one man’s last-ditch quest for redemption.  The film is based on an eccentric 1930s Tennessee hermit known as Felix “Bush,” who famously came out of hiding to throw his own funeral party while he was still very much alive and kicking.  To draw a crowd to his highly irregular memorial, Felix sold lottery tickets offering his valuable plot of land as the prize.

An 8-year labor of love for producer Dean Zanuck (Road to Perdition), Get Low is directed by Aaron Schneider who makes his feature debut after winning the Academy Award for his short, Two Soldiers. Written by Chris Provenzano (Mad Men) and C. Gaby Mitchell (Blood Diamond), the film features a stellar cast that includes Robert Duvall as the mysterious backwoods recluse, Bill Murray as the fast-talking funeral home owner who senses a big payday in the offing, Lucas Black as his young apprentice, and Sissy Spacek as a lonely widow and the only person in town who ever got close to Felix.

We sat down this week with Dean Zanuck, Aaron Schneider, Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Lucas Black to talk about their new film. They told us how they first got involved with the project, what it was like to work together on location in Georgia, and what they hope an audience will take from their film.  Hit the jump to watch the interviews:

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