Watch: Jordan Peele Answers Reddit’s Biggest ‘Get Out’ Theories and Questions

     December 1, 2017


Get Out landed in theaters way back in February, but in a rare feat for any film, let alone a horror movie and a filmmaking debut from Key and Peele‘s Jordan Peele, Get Out has remained a part of the cultural conversation throughout the year, and is now emerging as an Oscar frontrunner as we head into the thick of awards season. With the awards push in mind, Peele has been back on the media circuit and in a great new video from Vanity Fair, the writer-director is confirming, debunking, and occasionally marveling at the biggest fan theories on Reddit.

Is the film a figment of Lil Rey Howery‘s TSA agent’s imagination? Does the Catherine Keener/mind-swap movie connection mean Get Out shares a universe with Being John Malkovich? And what about that popular theory that Allison Williams‘ Rose eats her fruit loops and milk separate because she doesn’t want color mixing with white? Peele answers all that and a whole lot more in this ten-minute theory break down. If you’ve been engaging in the online analysis of Get Out over the last few months, enjoy the satisfaction of getting some hard answers, and if you haven’t, get ready to learn some impressive script details you probably didn’t notice.

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