Get TOY STORY 1 & 2 Blu-rays together for $14

     March 23, 2010


Toy Story and Toy Story 2 arrived today on Blu-ray + DVD special editions and they’re available at many retailers across this great nation.  However, some retailers are great than others as you should get these from Toys ‘R’ Us.  Here’s why:  If you buy them together, they’ll only cost $16.99 each.  Now that’s not a bad deal.  However, if you throw in a $10 coupon for Toy Story and a $10 coupon for Toy Story 2, the cost comes down to $6.99 each for a grand total of $13.98 (not including tax).  The $10 coupons can be used anywhere (although not online), but Toys ‘R’ Us already has the best price on the Blu-rays so this makes it even better.

Click on the links to get your coupon and head to your local Toys ‘R’ Us sometime this week because their $16.99-part of the deal only runs through Saturday.

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