Melissa McCarthy & Paul Feig on the Potential for Future ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequels

     July 12, 2016


As anyone who read my article this morning about Ghostbusters 2 will know, I’m not a fan of the sequel to the original film, especially now that I am, as they would say, a grown-ass man. My hopes are relatively high for the new-fangled Ghostbusters from Paul Feig, but my fears of another placid, unimaginative sequel hitting the theaters in a few years with the new team are nearly as high. We have no word as of yet if there will be another movie but as long as the film doesn’t totally tank, which does not seem likely, I would say it’s a bit of a lock that we’ll be seeing Melissa McCarthy, Feig, and the rest of the crew again.


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McCarthy and Feig are more mum about the potential for a sequel in a recent interview with Screen Rant. Both the star and the filmmaker expressed interest in working in the world again but didn’t want to think about that quite yet, especially with their movie opening this Friday in theaters nationwide. Still, McCarthy had some heartening words to say about her castmates and Feig, who has directed McCarthy in one out-and-out classic – Bridesmaids –  and two other solid comedies (Spy and The Heat), that make a reunion seem all but inevitable. Check out the full quotes from both of them right below.

Here’s what Feig had to say about the potential for sequels:

Oh, you know, when you’re working in a world this rich, you always go, “Oh, it would be cool if we could do this,” or “this could be fun, it could be fun if we could connect this up…” So yeah, our brains are always clicking and who knows what will happen. We’ve got to see how this one does first.

Here’s what McCarthy had to say about sequel potential:

I kind of feel like I’m in the delivery room right now, so I can’t talk about the second baby. But I know that I’d do anything Paul Feig – I don’t know that he really needs to ask, he gets to about, “Hey do you want to…” and I’m like, “Yep! Give me a date.” And with those three women, I would do kind of anything. But in terms of where to go, no, because there’s so many possibilities. I mean, I know what works is if there’s going to be conflict, it’s got be messy, and I think what you root for is that there’s always a struggle for them. So I would just look forward to being like, “What is the struggle?” Because you can’t suddenly be like, “They’ve got it made in the shade!” It wouldn’t make for a very interesting movie. So I don’t know.



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Image via Sony Pictures

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