‘Ghostbusters’ VFX Reel Shows How the Colorful Ghosts Came to Life

     August 27, 2016


One of the most exciting aspects of director Paul Feig’s vision for the new Ghostbusters film was his aesthetic approach to the material. While the 1984 original certainly had impressive effects for its time, the field has advanced tremendously in the past 32 years, so the onus was on Feig to find the best way to bring these new ghosts to life. Refreshingly, instead of opting for something dark or gritty, Feig and cinematographer Robert Yeoman embraced a whole lotta color, offering up sumptuous visuals that perfectly complimented the tone of the film overall.

A new behind-the-scenes visual effects reel has landed online now that gives us a look at exactly how Feig was able to conjure this impressive imagery, and the tricks he used are fascinating. For example, that gaggle of undead roaming the streets were actors wearing blue LED lights. And drones were utilized to clue actors in on where wholly CG-created creatures would be appearing in the finished film. It is, however, far less cool to see Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon wielding fake proton packs, as the finished effects do wonders to make the quartet look like badasses instead of, well, kids playing with toys.

It’s unfortunate that this new Ghostbusters was so mired in “controversy” on account of some truly terrible human beings, and while it’s grossed over $208 million worldwide thus far, Sony’s costly pricetag to actually make the movie renders its sequel chances fairly low. Which is a shame, because I thought Feig did a terrific job of making this film his own, and this is a group of characters that I’d love to see continue to fight supernatural beings in a fully fledged franchise.

Alas, for now, take a look at the video below courtesy of iLoura (via Dark Horizons) to marvel at the swell visual effects.


Image via Sony Pictures


Image via Sony Pictures


Image via Sony Pictures


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