Gillian Jacobs Talks Switching Episode Order, Britta and Troy Pairings, Fan Art and More on the Set of COMMUNITY

     May 11, 2012


The character of Britta Perry on NBC’s Community doesn’t always have the best of luck when it comes to men or communicating with the group half of the time, but it’s just a couple of the many things about her kooky personality that television watchers absolutely love about her.  Now that she’s figured out what she’s majoring in, psychology, her outspoken personality is even louder, which most of the group notices but still chooses to ignore.  Britta, played by Gillian Jacobs, has already had her share of ups and downs during the second half of this season, but how will it all play out for her character by the end of it?

We recently got the opportunity to visit the set of Community and participated in a group interview with with Gillian Jacobs.  She talked about what’s going on with Britta and Troy, what they were filming that day, fan art, would they ever do a live show, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

gillian-jacobs-community-imageHere’s a rundown of the conversation, followed by the video interview:

  • 2:30 Switching the episode order
  • 3:28 The episode that they’re filming at the moment (spoilers!)
  • 4:05 John Hodgman
  • 4:24 Britta’s crazy flashback
  • 5:18 Britta’s role in the episode
  • 5:48 Teasing future episodes
  • 8:20 Different forms of Britta you’ll see in the second half of the season, what happens to her in the second half
  • Britta and Troy pairings
  • The fan art for Community
  • Viral love for Community when it hit hiatus
  • Satisfied where Britta is at during the end of the 3rd season in case they don’t get a 4th
  • Doing a live show, flash mobs, etc
  • What is it that Britta has improved upon and what does she still need to improve on.