See the First ‘Gilmore Girls’ Images from Netflix’s Revival [Updated]

     April 11, 2016

gilmore-girls-revivalStrangely, we got our very first look at the set of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival unexpectedly in the background of a Batman v Superman video but now we’re getting some more official images as well. The Gilmores — Lauren Graham’s Lorelai, Alexis Bledel’s Rory, and Kelly Bishop’s Emily (never leave her out!) — are all part of a cover story and new images from the set, ones that reveal two interesting tidbits …

The most tantalizing image from the EW images is that of Lorelai and Luke (Scott Patterson) strolling along together holding hands. Dare we hope?! But TVLine says no … that the duo are not married when the series picks up eight years after the show’s finale. So add a “yet” to that. Because seriously, it’s one of the great travesties of the show’s initial run that these two didn’t stay together.

gilmore-girls-revival-alexis-bledel-lauren-graham-imageFurther, EW also reports on “the final four words,” which are apparently more of a cliffhanger than a closure, with Lauren Graham saying,

It’s not as resolved as I thought they would be. I keep saying, ‘Hey, does anyone else notice this is actually not an ending?’ Amy and Dan just giggle at me.

Blended added, “It does kind of throw you.”

Mysterious! Finally, show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has re-extended the invite to Melissa McCarthy to return as Sookie, even though McCarthy says she was never asked in the first place. But ASP says,

“We’ve just put it out into the universe; we’re here until May 10. I know what the scene is. I’ll pre-light it for her. She can drive up, run in, shoot it, and run out. I can get her in and out in two hours.”

Update: She’s in! 

Update 2: Check out even more new photos below!

EW said it won’t spoil anything regarding Rory’s career, but one of the images does show her in the classroom … are we to infer that she’s teaching in some capacity, or is she just visiting for a career day? We’ll hopefully find out soon — there’s no premiere date set yet, but when there is we’ll let you know right away.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the new images below, and be sure to read Everything We Know About the Revival So Far.


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