‘Gilmore Girls’: Netflix Confirms Revival Series, Original Cast Set to Return

     January 29, 2016


It’s official! Netflix is the new Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls is getting a revival series, a la Fuller House, on the streaming service, and the original cast is comic back for the affair. Netflix confirms that the Gilmore Girls themselves Lauren Graham‘s Lorelai and Alexis Bledel‘s Rory are set to return, because obviously, but Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop are a lock to return as well. Also returning from the original series are Sean Gunn and Keiko Agena.

Series creator and Executive Producder Amy Sherman-Palladino will write and direct the revival series with her husband Daniel Palladino, who is alo an EP. The official title, synopsis, and the number of episodes have yet to be revealed, but previous reports suggest that the new season will play out over the course of four episodes, one for each season of the year. A concept that I love and that feels whimsically on brand for Gilmore Girls.


Image via the WB

The only thing wrong with this confirmation is a distressing lack of Sookie St. James, the loveable local chef and BFF to Lorelai, and the role Melissa McCarthy was best known for before she became a reigning queen of the comedy world. Hopefully they can at least negotiate a cameo appearance out of McCarthy’s busy schedule, because a return to Stars Hollow without Sookie, wouldn’t really feel like going home at all.

There’s also a disturbing lack of babes. If there was one thing Rory was awesome at besides literally everything, it was landing the dreamiest of boyfriends. Rumor has it all of Rory’s big loves, including Logan (Matt Czuchry), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), and Dean (Jared Padalecki) are in talks for a possible return.

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