Gina Rodriguez Talks Giving Carmen Sandiego’s Backstory in Live-Action Film, Teases Franchise Potential

     September 8, 2020

Back in 2018, news broke that Gina Rodriguez was set to star in and co-produce a live-action Carmen Sandiego movie for Netflix. In an industry that loves milking popular properties for all they’re worth, at that time, one might have been concerned about the streamer not doing the character justice. The thing is though, now there’s little doubt because Netflix and Rodriguez have already proven themselves! In early 2019, we got the first season of Netflix’s animated Carmen Sandiego series. There are currently two seasons of the very well received show available to watch on the platform with a third set to arrive on October 1st.

During our chat for her upcoming feature release, Miranda July’s Kajillionaire, Rodriguez took a moment to discuss the next step for Carmen Sandiego on Netflix, that live-action film. Here’s what she said when asked about her goals for the character that are unique to this film:


Image via Netflix

“Duane [Capizzi] who did the animation … is a brilliant man and did such a phenomenal job at creating this world because, I mean, I grew up with Carmen Sandiego and it was mostly the PBS game and it was mostly the computer game, but you didn’t really know anything about her. So Duane created this entire incredibly intertwined beautiful story with backstory and all that, and so with the live-action, ideally we would be able to create multiple films. But to bring in this first film, it is really imperative to us to create this iconic character that we loved, right? That we didn’t know much about, and give her a really solid story that we all fall in love with. So that’s the unique challenge that we are working on, but I’m really excited and hopeful because it’s coming together great.”

Given the response to the animated series thus far, hopes are high that Rodriguez and the team behind the feature can spawn that franchise with this first film. While we wait for additional updates on that, you can watch Seasons 1 and 2 of the Carmen Sandiego animated series on Netflix. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our full chat with Rodriguez on Kajillionaire which will hit Collider closer to the film’s release on September 25th.