Roc Espinet’s Animated ‘Girl and Wolf’ Gets International Rights Pickup from Latido Films

     March 5, 2020

Sometimes simpler is better. When it comes to Roc Espinet‘s graphic novel, Girl and Wolf, which he’s about to adapt into an animated movie in his feature debut, the simply named title sealed the deal. Latido Films picked up the international rights to the upcoming film while at Cartoon Movie, the ongoing European “pitching & co-pro forum for animated feature films” as they describe themselves.

Girl and Wolf follows innocent village orphan Paula who grows up in a medieval town besieged by wolves. Viewers will follow Paula as she deals with childhood traumas, wolf-hunters, wild spirits, and the wolves themselves. Espinet, who has previously worked as an animator on such titles as Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, Nerdland, Rick and Morty, and Niko and the Sword of Light, now gets to bring the pages of his graphic novel to life on the big screen. The in-development project hails from some of the production team from the award-winning 2018 animated film Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles. Producers include Xosé Zapata at Sygnatia Films and Álex Cervantes at Hampa Studio; Alberto Cardelús (Buñuel) is set to compose the musical score.

Variety had the first word that Latido Films and CEO Antonio Saura had picked up Girl and Wolf for international distribution. Here’s what Saura had to say, after praising the opportunity of “working with the brave team behind the successful Buñuel”:

“Another key point is having seen Roc Espinet’s passion and talent. The graphic novel is a masterpiece, and the screen adaptation captures all the innuendos of what is much more than a coming of age story for the family; it links the film with a great tradition of classic adventure films with a really complex and fascinating female character.”

Check out a video for Girl and Wolf, with some animatic teases, courtesy of comics crowd-funder Spaceman Project:

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