Dog Lovers Beware: OddLot Sets Out to Make the Saddest Movie Ever Made

     March 14, 2015


There’s something neat about the fact that the movies can make us cry. We’re essentially just watching images of strangers pretending to do things and feel things that aren’t real, but when done well, films have the power to transcend the façade and make us feel genuine emotions. As Roger Ebert once said, they’re like machines that generate empathy.

But what happens when a studio sets out to make what could possibly be the most tear-inducing film ever made? We may find out soon enough, as THR reports that OddLot Entertainment has picked up the rights to Gizelle’s Bucket List, which is a true story about a woman who took her dying dog on a list of trips.


Image via 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises

If you haven’t already teared up just reading that simple logline, allow me to elaborate. When 25-year-old New Yorker Lauren Fern Watt discovered that her beloved dog had bone cancer, she set out to take him on a series of “Bucket List” adventures during his last few months. They went canoeing, journeyed down to Times Square, found the best donuts in the world, ventured out to the beach, and posted up at Washington Square Park to people-watch.

Watt recounted her story to Yahoo in January, and she’s now working on a book version after her emotional journey seems to have touched so many people. It’s impossible not to relate, and if OddLot’s film iteration makes it to the production stage, I imagine buckets of tears will accumulate at cineplexes all over the world.

Apparently OddLot Entertainment won the rights to Watt’s story over a number of other suitors, and Daniel Dubiecki and Lara Alameddine will produce through their Allegiance Theater banner alongside OddLot’s Gigi Pritzker. OddLot recently signed a production deal with Lionsgate, but it’s unclear at this early stage if the two will team up on Watt’s story as well.

And you thought Marley and Me was sad…

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