Glasses-Free 3D Coming to Airplanes and Cars Because of Course It Is

     April 25, 2011


I haven’t met James Cameron so I’ve never met anyone who’s absolutely in love with 3D.  Whether I’m talking to die-hard film fans or causal moviegoers, no one seems to be head-over-heels for the technology and wishing that everything would start going 3D.  But you and I are only the people who have to view the damn thing so to hell with what we want because 3D is going to be coming at us in our daily commutes.

THR reports that “3D technology company MasterImage 3D is close to securing deals with certain airlines and auto makers that aim to put glasses-free 3D screens in aircrafts and in cars.”  MasterImage is also the company to bring its technology to the world’s first 3D cell phone, the Hitashi Wooo (seriously, that’s the name).  Roy Taylor, executive vp and GM of 3D display at MasterImage, says that it may take 2 1/2 to 3 years to get 3D onto planes because of aircraft design cycles.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on 3D’s relentless assault.

I would love to get Cameron’s thoughts on this.  He’s a major advocate for 3D, but is he also an advocate for bringing the technology to the tiny screens of cars and planes?  Is that really conveying the cinematic experience or does it further prove that 3D is a novelty that few filmmakers are using as a storytelling device?  We recently reported that Cameron and his cinematographer Vince Pace had formed a new company to expand the amount of 3D content available, and this is where it’s going to end up.

I recently saw some glasses-free 3D in action when I played a demo unit of Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld console.  The 3D effect was neat (there’s a slider on the side of the device that allows you to adjust the level of 3D or turn it off completely), but nothing special.  However, I didn’t use it for a prolonged period of time and various reviews have complained of eye-strain.  Nintendo has even included a warning that the device is not intended for children ages six and under.  I’m curious to see if MasterImage will bring the same warning with every 3D screen they put into cars and planes.



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