Javier Bardem Will “Rock the House” on GLEE

     July 5, 2010


And you thought John Stamos was a big get for Glee.  Oscar-winner Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) will join Stamos next season in the halls of McKinley High as a rock star who befriends Artie — in fact, it was his idea.  Glee creator Ryan Murphy moonlighted as the writer/director of this Eat, Pray, Love, which features Mr. Bardem alongside star Julia Roberts.  The Spaniard reportedly devoured the first season in Glee, and took advantage of his inside connection to land a guest gig on the high school musical.  Bardem remarked,

“We’re going to rock the house.  We’re going to do some heavy metal — Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.” [EW]

Once you factor in that the Artie-centric “Wheels” is quite possibly the very best hour the show has produced, this sounds like a can’t-miss episode.  Season two of Glee will air Tuesdays at 8/7c starting in September.