Go Back to Pandora This Weekend: AVATAR Returns to AMC IMAX 3D Screens For 48 Hours

     April 15, 2010


If you were one of those people that never had the chance to catch James Cameron’s Avatar in IMAX 3D, you’re going to get one last chance this weekend.  That’s because AMC Theaters is showing Avatar on April 16/17 in IMAX 3D  in 29 cities.  But…they’re only showing the movie at night and only one show a day.  That means if you want to see Avatar, you’ll have to see it at 11 at night and it’s an almost 3 hour movie.

The fact is, Avatar in IMAX 3D is a stunning achievement and something special.  Yeah, the story has been told a million times, but the 3D is off the charts and visually it’s another level.  If you never saw Avatar in IMAX 3D, it’s absolutely worth your time.  Hit the jump to see where it’s playing and ticket info.

Thanks to AMC Entertainment for the listing of theaters and here’s a link to get tickets.

Arizona                           Phoenix                     AMC Westgate 20
California                        Los Angeles               AMC Burbank 16
California                        Los Angeles               AMC Century City 15
California                        Los Angeles               AMC CityWalk 19
California                        Los Angeles               AMC Del Amo 18
California                        Los Angeles               AMC Promenade 16
California                        Los Angeles               AMC Puente Hills 20
California                        Los Angeles               AMC Santa Anita 16
California                        San Diego                 AMC Palm Promenade 24
California                        San Diego                 AMC Plaza Bonita 14
California                        San Francisco             AMC Mercado 20
California                         San Francisco              AMC Bay Street 16
California                        San Jose                    AMC Cupertino Square 16
California                        San Jose                    AMC Eastridge 15
Colorado                         Denver                     AMC Orchard 12
Colorado                         Denver                     AMC Highlands Ranch 24
Colorado                         Denver                     AMC Westminster Promenade 24
Florida                            Jacksonville               AMC Orange Park 24
Florida                             Miami                    AMC Aventura 24
Florida                             Miami                    AMC Sunset Place 24
Florida                            Orlando                  AMC Loews Universal Cineplex 20
Florida                            Tallahassee               AMC Tallahassee Mall 20
Florida                            Tampa                   AMC Veterans Expressway 24
Illinois                             Chicago                  AMC Loews Quarry 14
Illinois                             Chicago                  AMC South Barrington 30
Kansas                                     Kansas City               AMC Studio 30
Kentucky                         Cincinnati                  AMC Newport on the Levee 20
Louisiana                         New Orleans              AMC Elmwood Palace 20
Maryland                         Baltimore                          AMC Columbia Mall 14
Maryland                         Baltimore                          AMC Loews White Marsh 16
Massachusetts                  Boston                    AMC Loews Liberty Tree Mall 20
Michigan                          Detroit                    AMC Forum 30
Michigan                          Detroit                    AMC Loews Great Lakes 25
Michigan                          Detroit                    AMC Livonia 20
Minnesota                         Minneapolis              AMC Rosedale 14
Minnesota                        Minneapolis               AMC Southdale 16
Missouri                          Kansas City               AMC BarryWoods 24
Missouri                          Kansas City               AMC Independence Commons 20
New Jersey                     New York                  AMC Garden State 16
New Jersey                      New York                 AMC Loews Jersey Gardens 20
New Jersey                       New York                AMC Loews New Brunswick 18
New Jersey                     New York                  AMC Rockaway 16
New Jersey                    Philadelphia                AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24
New York                        New York                  AMC Loews 34th Street 14
New York                New York                AMC Empire 25
New York                New York                AMC Loews Kips Bay 15
New York                New York                AMC Lincoln Square 13
North Carolina          Charlotte                         AMC Concord Mills 24
Ohio                       Columbus                AMC Easton Town Center 30
Ohio                       Columbus                AMC Lennox Town Center 24
Oklahoma                Oklahoma City          AMC Quail Springs 24
Pennsylvania              Philadelphia           AMC Neshaminy 24
Pennsylvania             Philadelphia            AMC Hamilton  24
Pennsylvania              Pittsburgh                AMC Waterfront 22
Texas                     Houston                          AMC First Colony 24
Texas                     Houston                          AMC Gulf Pointe 30
Virginia                   Norfolk                           AMC Hampton 24
Virginia                   Norfolk                           AMC Lynnhaven 18
Virginia                   Washington, D.C.      AMC Hoffman Center 22
Virginia                   Washington, D.C.      AMC Potomac Mills 18
Virginia                   Washington, D.C.      AMC Tysons Corner 16
Washington              Seattle                  AMC Southcenter 16

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