Go UP IN THE AIR with Two New Posters and a New Image from Jason Reitman’s Upcoming Film starring George Clooney

     August 18, 2009


I’m hoping for a good word on “Up in the Air” coming out of this year’s Toronto Film Festival but since it’s directed by Jason Reitman and stars George Clooney, I’m not too worried.  Today, /Film has the new domestic poster (and a new image) for the film while Empire has the UK version of the poster.  The only major difference is that the British poster has a close-up on the characters and doesn’t mention that Reitman directed “Thank You for Smoking”.  They don’t really care for that film in England, I suppose.  Pregnant teens are more their thing and really, who can blame them?

Check out the new posters and image after the jump.

Click on the domestic poster to see it embiggened from/FilmEmpire took down their poster but there’s currently unknown if it was at the request of the studio or if it’s just technical difficulties.

UPDATE: We’ve removed the UK poster at the request of the studio.



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