ACT OF VALOR Production Company to Set Up GOD’S GULCH

     March 2, 2012


The production team behind the successful Navy SEAL film Act of Valor have reteamed with co-director Mike “Mouse” McCoy to set up a new project. God’s Gulch, written by Brooks McClaren, who came up with the idea with McCoy, will be funded by Bandito Brothers. Here’s the logline for the film:

In the wake of the entire computer network shutting down and the ensuing economic and societal collapse, a group must come together to fight for their survival.

Collider got to sit down with co-directors McCoy and Scott Waugh to talk about Act of Valor, which continues to roll at the box office (but will come up against some heavy hitters soon). There’s no word yet on if any of the SEALs from Act of Valor have been bitten by the acting bug and will try to transition to God’s Gulch. Hit the jump for more.

Deadline reported that the gods-gulch-mike-mccoy-scott-waughBandito Brothers production company, of which McCoy is a co-founder, CEO and creative director, will fund God’s Gulch. It’s the second project the company has picked up during the ramp up to Act of Valor’s release, the first being High Speed, to be directed by Waugh. The script by Greg Russo revolves around a group of highly skilled drivers who cooperate to put an end to illegal high-speed races in American cities. (Watch out, Fast and Furious!) However, High Speed and God’s Gulch will have to wait until Waugh and McCoy reunite this summer to start production on the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer, Black Sunday, which was previously known as Black Sands. The picture, which stars Schwarzenegger as a supernatural enforcer taking down a weapons manufacturer, will start production on April 1st.

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