GODZILLA 2 Announced at Comic-Con; Will Feature Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah

     July 26, 2014


Godzilla was announced at Comic-Con a few years ago.  The teaser was unannounced, but when we heard the King of the Monsters’ might roar, it brought the house down.  The film finally came out this summer, and it was a huge hit.  Soon after, a sequel was announced.  The question then became what other monsters we would see.  Godzilla has a tremendous rogues’ gallery, and none of them were featured in the first movie.  Now it was time to reward the fans with not just a “Thank you” but with a taste of what’s next.

Hit the jump for more about the Godzilla 2 monsters.

godzilla 2Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull took the stage, and then introduced a video message from Gareth Edwards.  Edwards said he wished he could be with us, but he was directing the rebuilding of the Golden Gate Bridge, and also working on an independent sci-fi movie called Star Wars something-or-other.  However, he did want to directly say “Thank You” to the fans since sometimes these journeys really do begin in Hall H.

And so does the next step in that journey.  We were then showed a new piece of “Classified Monarch Footage”.  The teaser is made to look like it was put together in the 1960s and has audio of John F. Kennedy talking about threats and dangers.  Then text comes on the screen saying that there was one more secret: “There were others.”  Then we get a shadow of a pterodactyl:


Then we get an extreme close-up of a giant moth creature:


Then a silhouette and quick cuts around a dragon figure:


And then we get the text: “THREAT ASSESSMENT: CONFLICT INEVITABLE.”  Followed by: “LET THEM FIGHT.”

Once again, Godzilla brought the house down.  Shortly after the panel ended Legendary told us:

“Edwards will direct the sequel to GODZILLA after he finishes his installment in the expanded STAR WARS franchise.”

More info as we get it.


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