GODZILLA 2: Expect a “Bigger” and “Better” Sequel from Screenwriter Max Borenstein

     August 10, 2015


While our own Christina Radish is slugging it out in the trenches of TCA, she had a chance to talk to screenwriter Max Borenstein. While the majority of her interview was for Fox’s upcoming TV series Minority Report, Christina was able to sneak in a couple of questions concerning Godzilla 2. Borenstein was understandably vague on any plot details about the film, especially because he’s currently in the middle of writing it, but his enthusiasm for getting to explore the world again was evident. Another apparent fact was just how much he enjoyed collaborating with director Gareth Edwards on the first film, an experience the two of them will get to repeat once Edwards wraps his responsibilities on Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One, which is currently filming.

Pretty much all we know about Godzilla 2 at this point is that Borenstein is writing, Edwards is directing, and Warner Bros. will open the Legendary Pictures production on June 8, 2018. As for the appearance of Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah, you can still expect the monsters in the movie, but don’t expect Borenstein to talk about them here. Instead, see what he did have to say below:

Collider:  Will being an executive producer/writer on Minority Report preclude you from being able to write Godzilla 2?


MAX BORENSTEIN:  No, I’m doing it. I’m writing it now, and it’s really going to be great. I don’t want to go off book and tell you anything that I’m not allowed to tell you. The response to the first film was really exciting, but now that that world is established, we can do bigger and even better things. We’re really stoked.


Image via Legendary Pictures

It should go without saying that most sequels are “bigger” and “better” but it certainly carries a double meaning when we’re talking about Godzilla. I’m happy to hear that Borenstein and Edwards are excited to dive back into the world now that the relatively difficult part of establishing its rules and mythology is already done. The sequel will also give them a chance to expand on their own interpretation of the world.

You got to work and collaborate pretty closely with director Gareth Edwards on the first film. Will you be collaborating with him again, this time?


BORENSTEIN:  Yeah, I hope. He’s making Star Wars right now, so he’s a little preoccupied, but yeah. Gareth is amazing. It’s exciting to get to work with him again. One of the fun things about that experience is the same fun that it’s been on [Minority Report], where you really get to have your fingers in the pie.

Here’s hoping that the shorthand developed on the first film will help to speed things along during production and keep a more cohesive story in mind once the actors hit the green screen. It will be interesting to see what new skills Edwards brings to set after his Star Wars experience, and what tricks Borenstein brings to the table after working on Minority Report. You can expect to see more from Christina’s TCA interview with the screenwriter soon.


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