‘Good Boys’ Cast on Advice from Mom Before Dropping F-Bombs

     March 15, 2019

We’ve seen tons of raunchy, R-rated coming-of-age comedies like Superbad, American Pie and more recently Blockers (just to name a few), but now it’s time to prepare yourself for a super vulgar kid comedy South Park-style because Gene Stupnitsky’s directorial debut is all about a group of sixth graders who aren’t even old enough to see their own movie, Good Boys.


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Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams lead as Max, Thor and Lucas, respectively. After getting an invitation to his very first kissing party, Max panics because he has no clue how to kiss. In an effort to figure it out, Thor and Lucas help him steal his father’s drone and use it to spy on the couple making out next door. It might have seemed like a good plan at the start, but when the boys destroy the drone, they find themselves jumping into one crazy situation after the next trying to replace it.

With Good Boys making its big debut at SXSW 2019, Tremblay, Noon, Williams, Stupnitsky and writer Lee Eisenberg took the time to swing by the Collider Studio to talk about the film and play a round of “Random Questions.” Find out what big screen characters the cast turned to to develop their own, what they collect, their favorite movies to quote and so much more in the video interview at the top of this article. You can also find a handy breakdown of the full conversation below. Good Boys hits theaters nationwide on August 16th.

moonfire-lounge-sxsw-mondayI’d also like to take a moment to give special thanks to our Collider Studio partner, A-List Communications. At the Moonfire Lounge venue in Austin, libations were flowing courtesy of Tequila Comisario, Blue Moon Belgian White, Line39 Wine, and Hint Water. Without these fine folks, we wouldn’t be able to share conversations about movies like Good Boys with all of you, so another big thank you to our partners for their support.

Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, Brady Noon, Keith L. Williams, Jacob Tremblay:

  • Stupnitsky on why he wanted to make Good Boys his directorial debut.
  • Noon, Williams and Tremblay reveal the first R-rated movie they ever saw.
  • The cast shares some details about their characters.
  • good-boys-jacob-tremblay

    Image via Universal Pictures

    Why go the R-rated coming-of-age route from the 12-year-old perspective?

  • Did the cast ever feel awkward on set?
  • The movies Noon, Williams and Tremblay were thinking about when working on their characters. 
  • Who did they turned to for advice when prepping for a big movie release?
  • Stupnitsky explains the style of Good Boys; what is the movie beyond Superbad with younger characters?
  • Collider “Random Questions” begins! The trio reveals the TV show they’d like to guest star on, what they collect, the movie they quote most, and if they own any movie props.
  • What or who inspired Noon, Williams and Tremblay to get into filmmaking?

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