Google Celebrates April Fools’ Day Early with 8-Bit Google Maps for NES

     March 31, 2012


April Fools’ Day falls on a Sunday this year, so luckily we won’t have to put up with a slew of midly funny to unfunny fake news stories. However, Google has gotten in on the game early with a surprisingly swell April Fool’s gag. They’re launching an 8-bit version of Google Maps made specifically for the super high tech Nintendo Entertainment System. This version of Google Maps will be available via a specially designed NES cartridge that connects to the internet by way of a dial-up connection.  If you ever played Dragon Warrior on the NES, you might have a flashback.

This gag is incredibly intricate, as you’re now able to convert Google Maps on your computer to an 8-bit version that’s chock full of awesome Easter eggs like the Loch Ness monster, a dragon, Area 51, and much, much more. Hit the jump to watch the video launch for this “new” Google Maps feature, and to check out a list of where to find all the cool Easter eggs.

Thanks to Engadget for the heads up.

google-maps-statue-of-liberty-8-bitIn order to activate the 8-bit mode, select “Quest” on Google Maps. Below is a list of Easter egg locations, with links that take you right to the source (via Reddit).



This is a list of the enemies in Dragon Warrior

Discovered Enemies8-bit-google-maps



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