Google Adds 10 New Games to Stadia Library Just Two Days Before Launch

     November 18, 2019


Google is coming in at the 11th hour with one final surprise for Stadia users: they’ve added 10 more games to the Stadia library that will be available to play on Day 1. The Stadia launch is major for Google as they enter the world of gaming, with news about the platform closely watched since it was announced during the 2019 Game Developer’s Conference in March of this year.

On Sunday, November 17 — just two days before Stadia’s November 19 launch date — we learned in a tweet from The Game Awards producer/creator Geoff Keighley (via Kotaku) that Google has added 10 more games to its Stadia library that would be available on Day 1 to play. This brings the total number of Day 1 games up to 22. Additionally, Kotaku reported these 10 games were part of the batch Google had teased would be arriving later in the year.

There is certainly nothing wrong with Google choosing to share the wealth with Stadia subscribers and prospective users who could be reeled in with the promise of more games choice. However, the news of the Day 1 library expansion is interestingly timed. Less than a week ago, Google Stadia was in the headlines for a major potential problems with the user interface (UI) that would be present at launch. Per Forbes‘ report from November 14, it was revealed in a Reddit AMA that a lot of features advertised in earlier Stadia trailers and press would not be available at launch, critical UI features that would directly impact the user experience that left those gaming industry insiders openly musing Google was turning the Stadia launch into a beta test in doing so. It’s impossible to be confident if the the library expansion is directly related to the revelations from the Reddit AMA (and it would be irresponsible to confidently act like they are), but hopefully the addition of these new titles will make for a smoother Stadia launch.

Google Stadia officially launches on November 19. For a longer list of what’s in the Stadia library, check out our previous coverage here.


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