Gore Verbinski May Not Go Under the Sea with BIOSHOCK

     June 1, 2009

head.jpgIn a recent interview with the LA Times, said that not only is he more interested in producing videogames rather than adapting them into a movie, but it looks like the budget problem in shooting his planned adaptation of the videogame “Bioshock” may have tanked it.  He says that it could probably get made, if it is shot in one of those foreign countries that offer a generous tax credit. And he’s not sure whether he wants to go overseas for the year-plus it would require to make it.  So what, the “Pirates” movies were made in his backyard swimming pool?  Does he think there’s an underwater city somewhere beneath the West Coast?

I understand that we’re in a recession and that the production Verbinski planned is not the one that’s happening but if he’s willing to let that stop his involvement, then I wonder how committed he was in the first place.  I’m not saying he should be eating, sleeping, and drinking “Bioshock” (it tastes like genetic splicing, for those wondering) and I understand that you’re not as personally attached to something you didn’t create from scratch.  But if he’s getting cold feet now, then it’s probably best to either put the project in stasis until the recession passes or until Universal finds a director who can make the project work under these current budget restraints.  I think “Bioshock” has the potential to be the first genuinely good videogame movie because it’s one of the few videogames with a real story in addition to its unforgettable aesthetic.  Hopefully, we’ll still be able to get our precious big-screen ADAM in the near future.

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