Jada Pinkett Smith Says She’s Not Returning for GOTHAM Season 2

     March 6, 2015


Back in January, Fox announced that the Batman prequel series Gotham has been renewed for a second season, but it looks as though the show will have to continue on without one of its primary villains, Fish Mooney. Jada Pinkett Smith certainly made quite the impression playing the mob boss, but apparently one season of the character is enough. While appearing on Live with Kelly and Michael (via Variety) this morning, Smith revealed that she isn’t returning for the next season of the show. Here’s her full quote:

“I don’t think so, no. I signed for a year, and the year is up. But, there are some great things coming ahead on Gotham — believe you me, there’s a lot of good stuff coming.”

gotham-image-jada-pinkett-smithSo does that mean Mooney could meet her demise at some point during season 1’s remaining episodes? Not necessarily. When Michael Strahan suggested that Fish Mooney “could show up anywhere,” Smith agreed:

“She could show up anywhere, you never know.”

The Gotham producers also chimed in with an official statement teasing what’s to come: 

“Fish Mooney’s storyline takes a lot of interesting twists and turns into the finale of season one of Gotham.”

I stopped watching Gotham about six episodes in so I’m not in the best place to comment, but in the few episodes I saw, Fish was by far my least favorite character. Perhaps the show did more with her in subsequent episodes, but I found Fish way too over-the-top and rather grating so ditching the character sounds like a good plan to me.

What do you think about getting a Fish-less second season?