GOTHAM Season 2: James Frain and Jessica Lucas Cast as New Villains

     June 27, 2015


Gotham is getting some important new residents. James Frain will be playing Theo Galavan, while Jessica Lucas has been cast as his sister Tabitha, who later becomes the super-villain Tigress. Theo is described as a billionaire industrialist, and a “savior” of the city. Deadline continues,

He is sexy, heroic, and lovingly devoted to his sister Tabitha. But behind Galavan’s altruism is a centuries-old vendetta. Galavan and Tabitha (aka Tigress) will take chaos and violence to a new level in order to bleed Gotham. Their plan will lead to the creation of new villains… and the destruction of others.

intruders-james-frain-gotham-season-2With Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) out of the picture, it seems Theo will be taking over as Gotham’s big bad. That should be welcomed news, since Frain is a great actor who excels in these kind of roles. As for Lucas (who recently appeared on Fox’s Gracepoint), her bullwhip-toting badass Tabitha is an enforcer for her brother, and as TV Line describes, “she’s the opposite of her cold and calculating brother, deriving a sensual pleasure from the mayhem she’s tasked with making.

So what do you guys think of these new characters and their casting? Looking forward to Gotham Season 2 — or at least, willing to give it another shot?

Gotham will return to Fox Monday, September 21st, and will serve as the lead-in to the new series Minority Report.