Graphic Novel MAL CHANCE Coming to Life Courtesy of Platinum Studios and Producer Tony Krantz

     September 23, 2009


Comic book publishing company Platinum Studios, not to be confused with Platinum Dunes, will be joining forces with producer Tony Krantz (“Mulholland Dr.”) to develop a live-action adaptation of the graphic novel “Mal Chance” with Scott Murphy (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, “Angel”) writing the screenplay.  The graphic novel which tells the story of an assassin named Lola who has been targeted for death by a powerful gangster will be joining the recently announced “Cowboys and Aliens” as one of the new Platinum Studious properties which aim to make it to the big screen soon.  You can get all the details when you hit the jump.

mal_chance_graphic_novel_cover_01.jpgI’ve never heard of this graphic novel but Variety gives us a more detailed synopsis by telling us that “”Mal Chance” tells the story of Lola, part of an ancient clan of assassins targeted for death by a powerful gangster. Her only recourse is to bring down the gangster’s entire operation with the help of an honest FBI agent who is unaware of her true identity.”

The story sounds pretty bland and unoriginal to me based off of that brief synopsis but producer Tony Krantz says that “Mal Chance” is a “”wonderfully visual world steeped with contemporary and complex characters, all playing on the edge of life and death decisions,”  So, I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens with this one, but or now I’m being very skeptical and only expecting something in the style of “Wanted”.

The film will now be joining other Platinum Studio projects which are currently in development at various different studios.  First off, there is “Cowboys and Aliens”, which will be directed by Jon Favreau and will star Robert Downey Jr.  Then there is “Unique” which is set up at Disney which will tell the story of Jon Geoffries who “has been convinced all his life that he was schizophrenic because of strange visions of another world, Geoffries learns that he is actually seeing the Earth’s twin, a parallel world in another dimension, and that he is Unique; one of few people with no doppelganger in the other world…and the power to move between them at will.”

Finally there is also “Atlantis Rising” which is about Atlantis literally rising up from the ground and declaring war on the world.  This project is set up over at DreamWorks and will be directed by Len Wiseman (“Live Free or Die Hard”) and written by Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (“Transformers”, “Star Trek”).

A couple of paragraphs up I said that I thought that “Mal Chance” sounded pretty unoriginal but I think I am slowly starting to regret saying that after reading up on these other Platinum Studio properties.  The independent studio seems to make some pretty original cool sounding comic books and graphic novels and I’m hoping that “Mal Chance” really does turn out to be something great now.  I’ve also never even heard of “Unique” but it’s now on my “to read” list and has also earned a spot on my “movies I keep an eye on” list.

There is still no director attached to “Mal Chance” but we’ll keep you updated as we hear it.

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