Sandra Bullock Says No Make-Up for Actors in Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY

     January 3, 2012


Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming sci-fi film Gravity has already made some bold moves.  The film reportedly has little dialogue, long takes, and now Sandra Bullock says the actors won’t be wearing make-up.  That may not seem like a big deal, but imagine your face blown up to the size of a movie screen and then projected in 3D.  Of course, it’s not a totally bizarre choice since the movie takes place in outer space and centers on an astronaut (Bullock) who’s struggling to find a way home after her space station is damaged.  Putting on eye-shadow and lipstick probably isn’t “Priority #1” in that situation.

Hit the jump for what Bullock had to say about filming as well as her elaboration on why co-star George Clooney doesn’t plan on doing another 3D movie after this one.  Gravity opens November 21st.

sandra_bullock_011Here’s what Bullock told USA Today:

God help us all when my face comes rushing at you with no makeup on. I’m going to apologize now, but Alfonso, in a brilliant move, said, ‘No makeup.'”

Keep in mind that make-up isn’t done simply to make us all feel ugly when compared to movie stars.  It also has to be done with the cinematography in mind and trying to set the proper tone.  For example, if you’re making a romantic comedy, it’s probably not a good idea to have everyone look like death warmed over.  But clearly Cuaron liked what he saw from test shooting, and when you make movies like Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men, you’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.

Bullock also commented on why Clooney wasn’t crazy about combining no make-up with the 3D:

“Our vain little heads are going to be some massive 17-foot image. You are going to see details because it’s shot on this digital film that shows everything. It’s so scary. There are scenes where you say, ‘This is where you have to let go and let God.’ And, thank God, there are no nude scenes.”

The truth will be revealed: George Clooney is hideous.  If you ever saw him without make-up, you would never stop vomiting.  God help us all.

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