“Silent Space Version” of GRAVITY Arrives in February on Blu-ray

     November 11, 2014


How about taking a little break from the Interstellar mania and revisiting Alfonso Cuarón’s Academy Award winner Gravity?  Warner Bros. is actually already releasing a new version of the Gravity Blu-ray, the Diamond Luxe Edition.  Not only will the new set feature three brand new bonus featurettes and Dolby Atmos audio technology, but it’ll also give you the option to watch the “Silent Space Version” of the film as well so that you can “experience the film without music for a surprising cinematic experiment.”

The product does feel a little like a cash grab and it seems crazy to strip the film of Steven Price’s Academy Award winning score, but curiosity might get the best of me.  Hit the jump for more on the Gravity Diamond Luxe Edition.

The Film Stage spotted the Diamond Luxe Edition’s Amazon page.  You can pre-order order the set there right now, but it doesn’t actually arrive until February 10, 2015.

Price’s work is fantastic, but considering Cuarón adhered to the space rule and relegated all sound to inside the astronauts’ suits and the spacecrafts otherwise, why not go all the way, take out the score and then see how it plays?  On the one hand, it could suck the momentum and some of the emotion out of the film, but on the other, experiencing Ryan Stone’s (Sandra Bullock) outer space nightmare without the score could also wind up making it monumentally more unnerving.

What do you think?  Any interest in giving this “Silent Space Version” of Gravity a go?


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