A “Summer Nights” Parody Questions the Ethics of GREASE

     December 27, 2010


There have always been two songs that unnerve me with a very rapey subtext.  The first has been stuck in my head every holiday season ever since Elf decided to revive “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in 2003.  (“Say, what’s in this drink?”)

CollegeHumor had to go ahead and make me relive the second with their video parody of “Summer Nights” from Grease.  Hit the jump for their exploration of what exactly motivated Kenickie to sing-ask Danny “Did she put up a fight?”

Umm… Kenickie?  How about you tell me more?

Here’s the original for comparison.  (And by original, I mean from the 1978 movie.  It was probably also creepy in the Broadway show, which opened in 1971.)


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