10 Great Trailers for Bad Movies

     April 11, 2018


There’s an art to making a great movie trailer. Sometimes the studio knows exactly what it’s selling, and just dials in on the best aspects of the film. Other times the studio is trying to reach a broad audience with a niche property, and thus crafts a trailer aimed at appealing to a wider demographic. There’s a fine line between selling and misleading, and audiences don’t respond too kindly when they’re promised one thing in a trailer and get something completely different in the finished movie (see: Drive).

But sometimes trailers are so good, the quality of the actual films don’t live up to the hype. That’s the focus of this here feature, in which we’re taking a look at some absolutely great trailers made for movies that fell quite short of expectations. Not all of these movies are “bad” necessarily, but their trailers—for one reason or another—ended up being more exciting than the actual films themselves.

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