GREEN ACRES Movie Coming to the Big Screen and Possibly Broadway

     May 2, 2014


If the countryside and farm livin’ is the life for you, then Green Acres is probably right up your alley.  You may or may not be happy to know that the 60s television series is now making its way to the big screen, with a possible Broadway adaptation on the way as well.  Property rights to the sitcom that featured a wealthy New York couple moving to the Midwest town of Hooterville were recently acquired by series helmer Richard L. Bare and producer Phillip Goldfine.

Green Acres starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as Oliver Wendell and Lisa Douglas, a Manhattan lawyer and his socialite wife respectively.  While the show’s humor was derived from the misunderstandings between the well-to-do urbanites and the simple countryfolk, something tells me that approach might not go over so well in today’s economic climate.  Hit the jump for more.

green-acres-movieDeadline reports that Bare and Goldfine are currently looking to hire a writer/director for a feature adaptation of Green Acres.  In addition to the Douglases, the show also featured “Sam Drucker, the smart aleck who owned the general store; Ed Dobson the innocent, bumbling farmhand; Hank Kimball, a not-so-bright county agent; and Mr. Haney, a sleazy salesman with an unsteady, cracking voice.” Then, of course, there were the Ziffels and their adopted son, Arnold … who just so happened to be a pig that might have been smarter than anyone else in the county.  Green Acres joins Gilligan’s Island and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. as the latest 60s shows bound for the big screen.

If the theme song isn’t already stuck in your head, it’s about to be!  Let us know your thoughts on a Green Acres movie (and possible Broadway) adaptation in the comments below.

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