‘Green Eggs & Ham’ Creator Jared Stern on Adapting Dr. Seuss | Saturday Mourning Cartoons

     November 9, 2019

Listen to our interview with Green Eggs & Ham creator Jared Stern here:

Now streaming on Netflix, the beautifully animated adaptation of Dr. SeussGreen Eggs & Ham brings 13 brightly colored and briskly plotted episodes to the screen; you can read my full review here. But if you’re wondering how Netflix took a 60-page illustrated book comprised of only 50 words and turned it into more than 6 hours of original story, I have two bits of advice for you: Definitely give the series a chance to win you over with its energy, wholesomeness, and relatable characters; and settle in for our interview with show creator Jared Stern to see how it all came together and where it might be going from here.

In this special Saturday Mourning Cartoons interview, Stern talks about the long road to production for his adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic and what the story means to him. You’ll find a bunch of reasons (and places, and situations) to eat green eggs and ham, though if you listen carefully you’ll also discover one section of the book that didn’t make it into the series … yet. Maybe in Season 2? Stern stopped short of confirming more episodes of Green Eggs & Ham, but he did talk about how the Season 1 finale sets up more adventures to come.


Image via Netflix

And speaking of more adventures, Stern has quite the busy schedule ahead of him. He teased his new, animated feature directorial debut in DC Super Pets, a CG-animated tale about the super-powered pets of DC Comics’ most famous superheroes; look for it on the big screen in 2022. Stern also talked about developing more Dr. Seuss movies with Warner Bros. Animation, but those projects are still in the works. One recently announced project Stern is working on is the Robert Zemeckis-led Tooned Out for HBO Max. Keep an eye and ear out for more on that live-action/animation hybrid project as the WarnerMedia streaming service develops.

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