GREEN LANTERN Concept Art for Kilowog

     January 27, 2010


Cosmic Book News has landed some Green Lantern concept art for fellow Green Lantern Corps member Kilowog.  Since I’ve never read a Green Lantern comic book, I turned to Wikipedia and learned that Kilowog’s primary job is to train new recruits to the GLC.  I look forward to seeing the class: “Yellow Is Your Enemy 101” (just because I’ve never read an issue of Green Lantern, doesn’t mean I don’t know the jokes).  I’m sure that Kilowog’s appearance will offer plenty of room for the wise-ass comments that have become trademarks of Ryan Reynolds’ comedic repertoire.  I probably should read some Lantern comics before the film comes out so I have a better idea of the characters.  If you have any recommendations for trade paperbacks of the characters’ adventures, sound off in the comments section.

Hit the jump to check out the full images of the concept art.  Directed by Martin Campbell, the film stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard.  Green Lantern is slated to hit theaters on June 17, 2011.  Click on the image to embiggen.



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