Duncan Jones Thinks Green Lantern Is Dumb; Offers Better Use of Powers

     January 17, 2017


Green Lantern is a tough character. Back in 2011, it was clear that Warner Bros. couldn’t really figure out their take on him, and while they’re now moving forward with Green Lantern Corps, which is being billed as Lethal Weapon in space, there’s still been no sign of how the character will interact with the Justice League.

Part of the issue is that his powers are fairly unlimited. He’s got a ring that can basically do anything as long as it’s charged and doesn’t come up against the color yellow. While some will argue that the ring’s true test is a matter of willpower for the one who wears it, ultimately, the ring can do just about anything, which makes Green Lantern kind of an uninteresting character.

However, Warcraft director Duncan Jones has a solution. He tweeted out the following a few days ago:

Strangely enough, what Jones is describing is basically the Ryan Reynolds movie. Reynolds’ Jordan isn’t far enough into the area of dumb jock, but he keeps trying to figure out creative ways to use his ring and coming up short. Obviously, that wasn’t intentional and it was really a lack of creativity on the production side to come up with cool ways for Green Lantern to use his ring, so really what we’re stuck with is a half-measure.

That being said, Jones’ idea sounds like a great premise for a comedy if Warner Bros. really wanted to go in that direction, but it would probably anger too many fanboys who would hate to see their beloved character reduced to something so silly. It’s much better if he’s thwarted by school buses and bananas.

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