First Image of Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond in GREEN LANTERN

     May 10, 2010

The first image of Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, the villain of Green Lantern, has leaked online.  It is a prime example of why studios should try to keep a tight lid on movies like this.  When the photo of Abin Sur’s crashed spaceship landed online, it was interesting, but doesn’t ruin anything.  This photo from Sky Showbiz [via AICN] of Sarsgaard as Hammond does.  Hammond is a weird-looking character in general so to have his first look without proper lighting, and context, (or perhaps even costume—unless Hammond is a mad genius who likes to dress casual).  On the plus side, no one will be able to get a shot of Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern garb since the costume will be almost entirely CGI.

Hit the jump to see the image of Sarsgaard as Hammond plus details on the character for those who are unfamiliar with him.  Green Lantern hits theaters June 17, 2011.

I’ve never read a single Green Lantern comic and Wikipedia is pretty useless in trying to explain how Hammond will factor into the movie, so I’ll let /Film provide the brief description:

He’s based more on the Geoff Johns GL stories than the early comic appearances, and was said to be “the pathologist son of a senator who is seen as a disappointment in his father’s eyes.”

Hammond comes into contact with the radioactive meteorite in the crashed spacecraft of Abin Sur, the alien who leads Hal Jordan to becoming Green Lantern. The radiation gives Hammond psychic powers but also deforms him. His head is enlarged and, in earlier versions of the comic character, he is paralyzed.

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