‘Green Lantern’ Reboot Moving Ahead with Writers David Goyer and Justin Rhodes

     January 12, 2017

That Green Lantern reboot is in fact happening, and it just got a serious boost of momentum. Warner Bros. unveiled Green Lantern Corps. as part of its ambitious DC Films slate a few years ago, but thus far it’s been a big ol’ question mark with a potential release date of 2020 and no further details. Today, however, Deadline reports that Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes have been tasked with writing the script for the Green Lantern do-over, with Goyer also producing alongside executive producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

This new Green Lantern movie is described as “Lethal Weapon in space”, and will focus on two Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart. A Green Lantern is, of course, a protector of a specific sector of the universe who carries a ring that grants him or her powers. Tyrese Gibson in the past has been lobbying to fill the role of Stewart should Warner Bros. resurrect the property, but WB will likely focus on honing the script before going out to actors.


Image via DC Comics

Ryan Reynolds famously played Hal Jordan in director Martin Campbell’s disappointing 2011 adaptation, which was intended as a franchise-starter but failed to take off with either audiences or critics. He’s got his own superhero franchise now with 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool so he’s not likely to reprise the role, which means Warner Bros. can start from scratch and build these heroes into its existing DC Extended Universe.

Goyer’s involvement is curious. He and Christopher Nolan are the ones responsible for jump-starting the DCEU in the first place, as they originated the idea for Man of Steel while Goyer penned the script. He was expected to return for the follow-up, but Warner Bros. went a different direction and brought in Chris Terrio to rewrite Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and handle scripting duties for the upcoming Justice League. Goyer moved on and is currently developing the Superman spinoff TV series Krypton, but now it appears he’s back in the DCEU fold with this Green Lantern movie. And given that Goyer is also a director, having helmed films like Blade: Trinity and episodes of his Starz series Da Vinci’s Demons, one wonders if he might have his eye on the director’s chair of this Green Lantern movie, should WB acquiesce.


Image via DC Comics

Whatever the case, this is likely still a bit of a ways off. 2017 sees the release of Wonder Woman and Justice League, while production is about to gear up on Aquaman. Beyond that, the DCEU slate gets more iffy, as Ben Affleck has been wavering about when he’ll actually direct The Batman and The Flash recently lost its director and thus missed its 2017 production window—star Ezra Miller will be busy with Fantastic Beasts 2. Perhaps Warner Bros. is hoping to get Green Lantern Corps. off the ground sooner rather than later? That’ll depend on how quickly (and how well) the script shapes up, but with a Lethal Weapon vibe it certainly sounds like Warner Bros. is still trying to shake the “doom and gloom” criticisms of its 2016 films Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad and lighten up its future films. Though in that case, why not skip the middle man and get Shane Black to pen the script?

What do you think folks? Are you eager for a Lethal Weapon-esque Green Lantern movie? Who should star? Sound off in the comments below.

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