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     May 17, 2011


When you visit a movie set, you never know how many of the secrets will be revealed.  Sometimes you leave without learning much about the movie, and when the trailer is released and it tells you the whole story, you wonder why everyone was so guarded.  However, every once in awhile, you visit a set and you’re told everything.  In the case of my visit to the set of Green Lantern last summer in New Orleans, it was the latter.  While I walked in thinking Green Lantern might be a cool movie, I left absolutely blown away by the scope and scale of Warner Bros. next comic book movie.  Trust me, while the first trailer for Green Lantern was lackluster, everything I saw and learned on set told me director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern is a full scale space opera and it smashes open the door for future comic book movies to tell even bigger stories.  I’m truly excited to see the finished film and if it comes together the way I think it will, Green Lantern will show audiences and the studios that comic book movies don’t have to stay on Earth, or even in this galaxy, to tell their story.

But let me back up a second.

It’s August 2010 and I’m in New Orleans on the last day of principal photography on Green Lantern.  While it’s hot and humid outside, I’m standing in a large air conditioned studio being shown hundreds of pre-production images.  They’re lined up on a few walls and each image shows a scene or location in the movie.  Again, while some set visits are guarded, the Green Lantern production is confident in their story and they’re willing to show us everything.  As I walk from drawing to drawing, I’m imagining the movie in my head, and I can’t believe where they take this story.  Much more after the jump.

Before going any further, at this year’s WonderCon, Warner Bros. premiered ten minutes of footage from Green Lantern. Shortly after their presentation, they released four minutes of it online. If you haven’t seen the footage, I really recommend checking it out because it’s so much better than the first trailer.

Ryan_Reynolds_Green_Lantern_movie_imageAs most of you know, I’m often on set visits with Peter from Slashfilm and after we get back from set we’ll record a video blog.  Last summer we recorded what might be our longest and most in depth video blog about what we saw and learned on set.

However, I know not everyone has the time to watch such a massive video, so I’m also offering it as an audio file so you can play it while stuck in traffic or walking around.

Here’s the deal: the most important thing to know about Green Lantern is that I truly believe this movie is going to surprise you.  Unlike every other comic book movie that’s been released, Green Lantern takes place not only on Earth, but in outer space and on another planet.  The film is MASSIVE in scope and if the CGI comes together and looks believable (which I think it will based on the footage at WonderCon), Green Lantern is going to be a huge home-run for both Warner Bros. and comic book fans.  I’m genuinely so excited to see this movie.

As usual, I’ve time indexed the video blog so you can watch the parts that interest you.  Green Lantern gets released June 17.  For more coverage from the set visit, below the video are on set interviews with the cast and director Martin Campbell.

green-lantern-poster-hector-hammond-peter-sarsgaardGreen Lantern Video Blog Time Index

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:30 The art department
  • 02:00 Spoiler Free Thoughts
  • 04:00 Huge Budgets
  • 05:00 Will Mainstream Audiences embrace the film, and more specifically, the Space Opera side of the story
  • 11:00 Open Discussion Begins
  • 11:50 The Art Department
  • 13:20 The Propmaster, Wearing the Ring
  • 16:00 Day 100 of filming
  • 17:00 Why We Weren’t Allowed to Watch Filming
  • 18:15  The Story/Characters
  • 18:25 The Prologue
  • 21:00 Abin Sur and his spaceship
  • 22:00 Hal Jordan – the character, comic book vs. the film
  • 23:00 Hector Hammond
  • 25:00 Oa
  • 27:10 The Green Lanterns featured in the Oa sequence
  • 30:30 The Green Lantern control center
  • 31:30 The balance of character and action
  • 32:15 The Costume
  • 34:00 Traveling to Sea World To Study Dolphins?
  • 34:30 The Screening Room
  • 35:30 Abin Sur in the Spaceship
  • 36:00 Hal in Caroll’s Office
  • 37:00 Hector Hammond’s new lab
  • 38:15 Render Tests Tomar-Re with Anthony Hopkins voice
  • 39:20 Very Hard to Make look Realistic in Largely CG Sequences
  • 40:15 Post Converted 3D
  • 44:00 Talking to Ryan Reynolds
  • 46:00 Talking with Mark Strong in make-up as Sinestro
  • 48:40 Talking with Director Martin Campbell
  • 50:00 Our Bottom Line Take-aways from the Set Visit

Here’s more of our Green Lantern set visit:
Ryan Reynolds On Set Interview GREEN LANTERN

Mark Strong On Set Interview GREEN LANTERN

Director Martin Campbell On Set Interview GREEN LANTERN

Donald De Line (Producer) Grant Major (Production Designer) Ngila Dickson (Costume Designer) and Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics) On Set Interview GREEN LANTERN


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