GREEN LANTERN Suit to Be Almost Entirely CG Plus Other New Info

     April 11, 2010


Ryan Reynolds’ superhero costume for Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern will be almost entirely computer generated.  According to /Film, “The suit Ryan wears on set is a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with LED lights.”  So the first question that leapt to my mind was, “Why?”  Apparently, the suit will look like, “a manifestation of [Reynolds’ character, Hal Jordan’s] power.”  Since the Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic force, their suits need to look otherworldly.  The CG also means we won’t get our first official look at the suit until Warner Bros. gives the go-ahead to release a fully-rendered image.  I’m super excited because this means we can wildly speculate even more about what the suit looks like!  Hooray!

I’m not entirely sold on why you would need a CG suit, but I guess I can understand the reasoning.  Hit the jump for some non-suit related updates on the film.  Green Lantern is set to hit theaters June 17, 2011.

/Film also learned some other fun facts about the film.  To begin, the set photo snapped last week was definitely of Abin Sur’s crashed spaceship and not a tricked out Hyundai Sonata.  Temurea Morrison (Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones) is “legit as Abin Sur but his head isn’t as elongated as in the concept art photos leaked a while back.”

But the best new piece of info is that Peter Sarsgaard, who plays the villain of the film Hector Hammond, has wild hair, “like Jason Lee in My Name is Earl” combined with the character’s pencil-thin moustache from the comics.  Screw the CG suit.  That’s a character design I can support.


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