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     March 26, 2010

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While many who watch indie movies are familiar with Greta Gerwig from her work in such films as The House of the Devil and Baghead, she’s making her mainstream debut this weekend in Noah Baumbach’s (The Squid and the Whale) Greenberg, as she’s one of the three leads.  While she’s only been in a few films, she more than holds her own in Greenberg and I’m extremely confident you’re going to see a lot more of her soon.

Hit the jump for my interview with Gerwig and more on the film:

While I tried to come up with a short summary of Greenberg on my own, the synopsis from Focus Features is perfect:

Roger Greenberg [Ben Stiller], single, fortyish and at a crossroads in his life, finds himself in Los Angeles, house-sitting for six weeks for his more successful/married-with-children brother. In search of a place to restart his life, Greenberg tries to reconnect with old friends including his former bandmate Ivan [Rhys Ifans]. But old friends aren’t necessarily still best friends, and Greenberg soon finds himself spending more and more time with his brother’s personal assistant Florence [Greta Gerwig], an aspiring singer and also something of a lost soul. Despite his best attempts not to be drawn in, Greenberg and Florence manage to forge a connection, and Greenberg realizes he may at last have found a reason to be happy.

What’s great about the movie is the realistic way it portrays every character and the city of Los Angeles.  At times when Gerwig’s driving, you feel like you’re watching a documentary and not a scripted movie.  Performances are fantastic across the board and it’s the best I’ve seen Ben Stiller act in a very long time.  Definitely recommended.  And if you live in Los Angeles or have ever lived here, it’s a must see film.

I recently got to speak with Gerwig in New York City and we talked about her interesting audition, the craft service table, the tone of the film, and at the beginning of the interview she told me how she knows Collider.  It was very cool.  You can see the end of her telling me at the beginning of the clip.

Greta Gerwig

  • She tells me how she knows Collider
  • She talks about her audition for the movie. Great story
  • After her audition, did she think she had a good chance of getting the role
  • Craft service table talk
  • We talk about how the movie feels so real and how was it on set to get that tone
  • L.A. landmarks in the movie
  • What else does she have coming up


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