GREY’S ANATOMY Season Five DVD Review

     September 22, 2009


Going into its sixth season, Grey’s Anatomy is once again trying to come back on a high note. After not receiving any Primetime Emmy awards this year, it’s trying to rediscover itself amongst more edgy cable dramas. The Grey’s team recently released it’s fifth season on DVD, and while this season is one of the most compelling since maybe the second or third season – arguably the show’s peak at this point – it also poses more questions than answers. My review is after the jump:

greys_anatomy_tv_show_image_001.jpgBecause of various lineup changes for movie roles, firings, pregnancy and more, the fifth season of the popular medical drama can be downright confusing at times. Thankfully, the Grey’s crew got their act together toward the end of the season as it ramps up to its climactic finish.

After re-watching the season again, though, it seems the really emotional and tear-jerking endings are those involving some combination of Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Apparently, this is by popular demand, though, because there is an entire special feature segment dedicated to answering the question of why fans are so enamored with Morgan’s character.

This makes for great television throughout the fifth season. However, you have to wonder where they are going to go from here. Bringing Duquette back for most of the fifth season was a bit of a stretch at best. One wonders how they are going to keep the emotional roller coaster going.

The fifth season DVD is not very jam-packed. It has a very short featurette on Grey’s Anatomy’s 100th episode, a gag reel and the aforementioned featurette on Duquette/Morgan. Other than that, you get every episode, including some extended episodes.


That’s about it.

If you feel the actual review portion of this review is short, then you’re right. But, then, so is this DVD set. ABC never seems to add much in the way of special features to their series DVDs and this one is no exception. I almost had watched all the special features by the time my popcorn was finished cooking.

greys_anatomy_tv_show_image_patrick_dempsey_kevin_mckidd_001.jpgThat’s a bit of a stretch, but it does feel that way. You can watch almost any episode in HD on the Internet on, so why would you want to pay for each episode on DVD unless there was the something extra? And besides the Duquette/Morgan feature, there just isn’t enough here for me.

In what the special features lack, the episodes (and all the behind the scenes drama) make up for it. Again, we’re talking about lineup changes. I feel as though I should make a sports reference here, but honestly I think that’s too cliché . The end of season five saw the death of everyone’s favorite woodland creature: George O’Malley. It was a stellar move, by creator/writer Shonda Rhimes. Everyone expected Heigl’s character to die, but she came out with a curveball (haha, sports reference) and left everyone flabbergasted.

George added some much-needed slapstick comedy every once in a while. He was an every man. Someone most people could relate to. He didn’t have this over-the-top personality like everyone else on the show. He was a support role at best, and in season five he was nearly downgraded to an extra. It’s because of this that Knight became disillusioned with the entire series. He went public with his comments and It’s not much of a surprise that Rhimes killed him in the last episode. Shortly after it aired, Knight announced he was leaving the show.

Also announced shortly before season six’s premiere, Heigl announced she was taking a leave of absence from the show to shoot another movie. Rhimes is left in a tricky predicament with the show’s cast; however, she says that the show isn’t about just one person, there is a full cast for a reason and some cast member’s storylines will be push much farther this season.

That’s great, but does the rest of the cast have enough to push the series on?

It does beg the question if other characters will be coming back to the Grey’s universe to fill in the gaps. It might seem unlikely, but with Knight off the show, it could open up the possibility for Isaiah Washington to make a return to the series.

As for the Grey’s Anatomy Season Five DVD set: Buy it if you’re obsessed, pass on it if you can catch up online.

Rating — B-

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