Exclusive Images from the Makeup Process on NBC’s GRIMM

     December 2, 2011

When we were on the set of NBC’s Grimm, we had a chance to talk to Silas Weir Mitchell, one of the stars of the show. His character, Monroe, is a Wieder Blutbad – a werewolf who has forsaken killing humans and controls his urges through a balanced diet and exercise. But every once in a while his character must wolf out. Sometimes that’s done through CGI effects, but when he’s got a long day as a Blutbad, they’ll go with full make up. In this exclusive set of pictures, here’s a look at the process Mitchell must go through to become a full werewolf. Hit the jump to check out the images.

Grimm-imageMitchell had this to say about the process when we talked to him:

“It’s mostly a body double, but I have done it. It depends if they have time to keep me in the chair for five hours. Usually I have too much to do. So if I do that, the day is dedicated to getting me in and out of the make-up and there’s room for one small scene. So it’s mostly a body double doing the prosthetics. And I’m doing the CGI, they’ve got the dots that go on your face.”

The make-up artist Steve Bettles said that he’s cut the time down some, but it’s always going to take a bit of work. With any appliances like this, it’s about the hair as much as the latex, and with many homes getting 1080p picture quality, you can’t afford to cheat too much. Here then is that time-intensive process: