‘Grimm’ Celebrates Its 100th Episode by Giving Back

     March 12, 2016


Grimm has made Portland its home for its five season run (and shows no signs of stopping), and the cast and crew have decided to give back to the community. Last month, the main cast gathered for a Grimm gala as the show is about to hit the release of its hundredth episode, a milestone in television history as it means the show will go into syndication (and it already has — its reruns can be found on TNT). That’s a big get in an era where the modern network landscape is changing so rapidly, with more and more ten and thirteen episode runs, and even more “can’t miss” shows that end up being short-lived fiascos.

I was on set for the hundredth episode, though what we were able to see was limited to one scene in which the gang plotted their trip to Europe (which is currently underway and will resolve itself shortly), and we spoke to the gang a couple months back during their hundredth episode celebration, though they couldn’t say much of anything about what was coming. We’ll have another set visit in a couple months that will get more from the cast, but one of the big reasons for our more recent visit was to attend the Grimm gala on February 13th, which cast member Sasha Roiz organized to benefit the OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Grimmster Endowment, which helps cover the uncovered costs for struggling families whose children are treated at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.


Image via NBC

This was the second gala, and as Sasha Roiz told us, it had to be that much bigger, even though it might have come together a little easier this time around.

Sasha Roiz: “This was an idea I had because I had just started an endowment called the Grimmster endowment over at the Doernbecher hospital. If you don’t know what that is, it’s to help with all the uncovered expenses, basically your insurance is only going to cover your medical expenses, but these families – which I’ve learned through many, many visits to the hospital – half of them aren’t even from here. What destroys them and their lives, quite literally, is the little expenses. That you’re away from your job, you’re away from your home, and your kids are in day care, child care, because you’re at the hospital.

“So it’s all of those expenses that we’re trying to raise money for, but the gala’s an idea of ‘how do I fund this endowment’ because I think that it’s a good idea and think there’s a good way to get a little bit more money than I can put in year after year, and so I turned to my production team and our producer Steve Oster, who connected me with the people at Comcast and they jumped right in, they said right away they’d fund this whole event, ‘we’ll underwrite the whole thing, we’ll reach out to NBC!’ NBC came in as well, and because of them we could hold this event and every single that we raise goes directly to the endowment, every penny, so it’s an amazing partnership and really generous of them.”


Image via NBC

“And then of course we have many other partners like Nike, who do outstanding things for us, a while Grimm line merchandise. This year, we’re doing a Jordan shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield, who created the Jordans, and we’re going to have a couple pairs signed by Jordan as well, as well as the rest of the cast.”

Other items auctioned included a Grimm set tour, Renard‘s Jack the Ripper cabbie hat, a Blazers game/luxury suite package, a Top Chef dinner party with two Grimm cast members in tow, and a one-of-a-kind leather-bound book modeled in the fashion of the Grimm research books and more, all of which raised a record $386,000 for the endowment. There was a nice dinner served (and an open bar) were the public got to mingle with the cast and crew, and keeping in the Portland spirit of things, everyone was nice and open about the experience.

If you’d like to make a donation you can go to the website here, or you can call 800-800-9583. We’ll have more coverage in the months to come, and we’re excited to see how the show puts so many dangling pieces into play as it moves to the end of its fifth season. Check out pics from the gala below:

grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-1 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-2

grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-3 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-4 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-5 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-6

grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-7 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-8 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-9 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-10

grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-11 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-12 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-13 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-14 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-15

grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-16 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-17 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-18 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-19 grimm-season-5-100-episode-gala-image-20