GRIMM Season 5: Juliette’s Fate, Nick’s Revenge, the Wesenrein, and More

     July 13, 2015


NBC’s Grimm recently completed its 4th Season. The popular TV show tells the story of police detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) who also happens to be a Grimm, a human who is able to detect and destroy Wesen. The Wesen are humans who also have an animal side to them. Along with his partner, Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby), Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Rioz), and Sgt. Wu, Nick sets out to protect the city of Portland against the dangerous Wesen. However, Nick quickly learns that not all Wesen need to be destroyed and partners and becomes friends with many of them to help him protect the citizens of Portland against Wesen-related crimes.

The leading Wesen in the series include Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), Rosalee Calvert (Bree Turner), and Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee), although Renard is also Wesen. In an interview conducted after their panel at San Diego Comic Con, the cast and the executive producers of the show, David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, and Norberto Barba shared exclusive Grimm-related information. We’ve complied a list of 11 things you should know about the series:

  • grimm-comic-con-2015-david-giuntoliAs far as the cast knew, Juliette is dead. In fact, the season premiere is likely to include her funeral. Grimm’s Silas Weir Mitchell stated, “What she had become… she was a real threat.” He stated that Juliette in some sense died when she became a Hexenbiest. He added that she was the worst kind of Hexenbiest.”
  • Nick lost everything in Season 4, and this season “He’s out for revenge.” He is devastated by his losses and doesn’t always make good decisions. The only thing keeping him from completely isolating is his commitment to his newborn child.
  • At the end of Season 4, the audiences met Federal Agent Chavez, who takes an unusual interest in Trubel (another Grimm). Silas Weir Mitchell states, “This season there will be a storyline that begins when Chavez comes back and sets up a departure form the series that is new… This storyline may set the course for [Monroe] to revisit his traumatic memories. Some violent stuff will go down and my pacifist nature will be challenged.” Chavez’s intentions at this point remain a mystery.
  • Season 4 saw much trauma among the characters. In particular, the newlyweds, Monroe and Rosalee, were affected by the Wesenrein, a group of extremists who were trying to punish Monroe for marrying a different species of Wesen. In her interview, Bree Turner mentioned that both Monroe and Rosalee continue to experience the post effects of the trauma in different ways. In Season 4, Monroe experienced some symptoms indicative of a possible diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), where he struggled with nightmares and flashbacks of the event, in addition to remaining on high alert. While the couple remains “strong” for one another, they might find it difficult to help others as much as they’d like.
  • grimm-comic-con-2015-claire-coffeeNick and Adalind had a baby at the end of Season 4. While the two share a history of animosity toward one another, they must now learn to get along in order to help one another raise their child. Claire Coffee mentioned that both Nick and Adalind experienced a lot of losses recently and this might actually allow them to better understand one another.
  • David Giuntoli stated that Nick might move out of his old house, where he lived for many years of his life. It is unclear where the Grimm detective will live.
  • Wu is “stoked” about being a part of the Grimm team. Reggie Lee stated that Wu is no longer scared and is hoping for more Wesen-related crimes. Lee reported that his character had been “overzealous” completely preoccupied with studies, “wants his fries, his doughnuts, and the Grimm books… and sometimes a piece of the sofa.” However, he is soon going to realize that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. In addition, Lee stated that ever since he saw the ashwang, the horrifying Wesen from the Philippines folklore, Wu had been struggling with the symptoms of PTSD.
  • Both Reggie Lee and Russell Hornsby stated if given the opportunity to become a Wesen or a Grimm, they would become a Grimm. Lee stated that he would choose to be a Grimm because the Grimm is “all powerful.” Both added that it would be most relevant in their character’s jobs in law enforcement.
  • grimm-comic-con-2015-reggie-leeRegarding Juliette’s death, Reggie states that it’s been hard for him as he (and the rest of the members of the Grimm team) had been working with her for a while. The other cast members too, such as Bree Turner, also stated that they are were saddened not to be working with Bitsie Tulloch any more, but that killing her allowed the show to demonstrate that no one is safe, and that anyone could be killed at any moment.
  • The executive producers of the show, Greenwalt, Kouf, and Barba reported that they did in fact draw parallels between the KKK, WWII, and the Wesenrein. The creative team wanted to demonstrate the extent to which closed mindedness can lead to acts of terror. “The Wesen are human first and Wesen later. We all have some darkness in us.”
  • When asked about what to expect from Season 5 on Grimm, Hornsby stated, “This is Season 5 of the best kick-ass side-kickery.”

Grimm is set to premiere on October 30, 2015