Where Is Your God Now: GROWN UPS 2 Set for July 12, 2013

     January 13, 2012


I’m starting to think that if the world ends this year, it may not be so bad.  Last night, the new Rob Schneider sitcom, Rob, premiered to 13.5 million viewers.  Today, we’ve learned that Sony Pictures plans to release on Grown Ups 2 on July 12, 2013.  This is sad but not surprising.  Last month, we reported that Adam Sandler and screenwriter Fred Wolf were in talks for a potential sequel.  That happens when you make the highest grossing movie of your career ($271 million worldwide).  There’s no word if co-stars Kevin James, Chris Rock, Schneider, and David Spade will return, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.  I imagine Spade and Schneider work for cheese sandwiches and a smile.

Perhaps the underperformance of Jack and Jill ($88 million worldwide) may have driven Sandler to the first sequel of his career.  It’s disturbingly impressive that to this point he kept finding new ways to make awful films without resorting to making even worse sequels.  No other film is currently set for July 12, 2013. [ComingSoon]

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