Exclusive: Guillermo del Toro is Developing Projects at DreamWorks Animation and TV Shows; Plus His Thoughts on THE SOPRANOS Ending

     September 12, 2010

Just an hour ago I sat down for an extended video interview with Guillermo del Toro here at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Since we talked for almost 30 minutes about so many different things, I’ve decided to break up the interview into a few parts.  While I debated what to start with…since he told me a few things that haven’t been announced yet…the choice became obvious.

While we all know del Toro is developing a ton of projects, did you know he goes to DreamWorks Animation every Tuesday?  I didn’t.  He told me that he’s currently developing projects at DreamWorks Animation and he’s going to be the executive producer/creative consultant.  While I tried to get him to reveal what they were, he told me he couldn’t say more until it was officially announced.

On top of that…how would you feel about a del Toro produced TV show?  Well it sounds like it might happen very soon as we spent a lot of time talking about how great TV is right now and he said he’s developing stuff that hasn’t been announced!  So much more after the jump:

While we spent a lot of time talking about Breaking Bad during the interview (he loves the show), a great part was hearing what del Toro thought about the controversial ending of The Sopranos.  While many hated the ending, I was in the minority and really dug it as you could interpret it for yourself.  However, after hearing del Toro’s thoughts on the show and the ending, I think if you didn’t like it, you might have your opinion changed.

If you’re a fan of Guillermo del Toro, you want to watch the interview.  And look for a lot more with del Toro everyday this week.

Note: I ran into a few technical problems and had to change cameras during the interview. That’s why it goes widescreen halfway through.

Guillermo del Toro

  • What is his week typically like. Explains how he spends his day and how he works every day 9 to 5
  • Reveals every Tuesday he spends at DreamWorks Animation working on projects that haven’t been announced. Says he is an executive producer/creative consultant on some of them.  Says he wants to learn animation, video games, book publishing and TV
  • Says he is working on specific projects (won’t say what)
  • 3:20 – We spend some time talking about TV and how good it is right now. Explains “we are developing stuff that has yet to be announced.”
  • 4:45 – Says the TV stuff he is developing is for cable like AMC or HBO and not for a network
  • Talks about the fly episode of Breaking Bad and how much he loves it
  • 5:40 – Explains why TV is so good and how you can do a lot more than some movies
  • 6:30 – He talks about why he loves the ending of The Sopranos

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