Guillermo del Toro Talks PACIFIC RIM, Comic-Con, and Working with Legendary’s Thomas Tull Who Asked Him to “Make it More Kick-Ass”

     July 30, 2012


If you’re a fan of director Guillermo del Toro, you’re about to be very happy.  I recently sat down with the filmmaker for an epic hour-long video interview and every day this week I’ll be posting part of it.  Over the course of sixty minutes we talked about his past projects, Pacific Rim, what he has coming up, and everything in between.  Trust me, this is one of those special interviews that you’re all going to love.

In this first part del Toro talks about how their amazing Comic-Con presentation in Hall H came together (it was the best Hall H presentation I’ve ever seen), when the teaser trailer will get released, how he got involved with Pacific Rim, what it’s like to work for Legendary Pictures and Thomas Tull, what kind of notes he got from the studio, what changed during production, the physical nature of the shoot, and so much more.  In addition, while you often hear about studios interfering with a director, del Toro said that he once got a note from Tull that said, “can you make it more kick-ass?”  Hit the jump to watch and check back tomorrow night for part two.

pacific-rim-comic-con-posterGuillermo del Toro Time Index:

  • The amazing presentation in Hall H at Comic-Con
  • 1:30 – How he’s going on radio silence until the end of the year
  • 1:45 – When will we see the first teaser trailer. He thinks November or December
  • 2:10 – His reaction to when he first heard about Pacific Rim and his initial meeting with Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures.  Talks about how in the first meeting he came up with a lot of the main story ideas like the two pilots.  He explained that by having two pilots it would allow them to show two people that might not like one another but they are forced to work together.
  • 3:58 – I mention that I recently learned that Thomas Tull is a nerd.  What is it like to work for someone who also loves these properties.  Talks about how he’ll talk with Tull and they’ll go back and forth coming up with ideas on how to make the project even cooler.
  • 5:50 – How does Pacific Rim compare to what he wanted it to be going in.  Says they lost one set piece because he thought it was a bit too much.  Also, it wasn’t the studio that made him cut it, says it was “self regulated.”  Went on to say “it’s very close to what I imagined that first day.”
  • 6:45 – Talks about how during shooting he never got a phone call from the studio saying we don’t like what you’re shooting.  The shoe never dropped.
  • 6:55 – Did he get a lot of studio notes?  What kind of creative freedom did he have?  Says he once got a note from Tull that said, “can you make it more kick-ass?”
  • 8:45 – Talks about the demands he put on the actors making Pacific Rim.  Talks about the machines they built for the pilots for the film and how he wanted them to be real and not CG.


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