Watch: Guy Pearce Breaks Down His Iconic Roles in ‘Memento’, ‘Iron Man 3’, and More

     March 19, 2020

Guy Pearce is just one of those actors that’s just been steadily popping up and putting on the best performance of whatever he’s in since, woof, 1994? The point is, he’s racked up a fair share of iconic characters, and a new video from GQ sees the actor breaking down his most memorable roles.


Image via Newmarket Films

The video kicks off with Pearce’s feature-breakthrough as a drag queen crossing the Australian outback in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, followed up by a few stories of working across from Russell Crowe in L.A. Confidential. Pearce obviously gets into arguably his best-known role, the amnesiac Leonard Shelby in Christopher Nolan‘s Memento. “Chris Nolan clearly is a genius,” Pearce says. “It’s the only film I’ve ever done where the finished film is exactly as the script was.”

The actor also offers insight into his very brief appearance in The Hurt Locker, acting in the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech, and, in a wonderful highlight, how much he just really, really enjoyed doing HBO’s Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet. “That was just a delightful experience,” he says.

Pearce also talks about his latest film, Bloodshot, and intriguingly compares director Dave Wilson to Christopher Nolan. But the real gem of the whole video comes during the segment for the actor’s other superhero blockbuster, Iron Man 3, in which he demonstrates genuine affection for his fight scene Birkenstock shoes:

“If my feet are not on camera, I want to be comfortable, okay? I remember Robert saying to me, ‘Are you in Birkenstocks?’ I said, ‘Yes’. He said ‘I’ve never done a scene with anybody in Birkenstocks, much less a fight scene’…so, yeah, thanks to Birkenstock for my comfy acting shoes. They’re my acting shoes, how dare you suggest they’re anything less.”

Watch the full video below. For more deep-dives, here are the “Iconic Roles” videos featuring Danny Devito, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jeff Bridges.

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